Voltar Services


The Intelecto Contact Center operates by telephone and other channels such as chat and email, in the areas of fixed and mobile broadband, cable TV, tickets to events, and more.


Monitoring of calls, support, knowledge and techniques, by phone, chat, email or remote access, that allow diagnose and address of all incidents and issues that your clients may have.

Debt Collection

Focused on friendly collection action, the Intelecto Contact Center develops solutions for monitoring the entire cycle of credit recovery, including SMS, URA, email, postage and management letters / slips.


Ability to perform customer service operations to sales support, complaints and suggestions, completion of business processes, and more.


We map the processes, people and technologies present in the Contact Center in search of opportunities for improvement aligned with the business strategy.


Better understand your current and potential customers, understand and anticipate their needs and increase your relationship with them.