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CCW 2017 – Kongressmesse für Kundenservice und Contact Center in Berlin, Germany 03 Mar 2017

Intelecto has been working hard the last few months to expand our solutions to the International market. Under that spirit, Pablo Carosella, International Business Director, had the pleasure of representing Intelecto by participating in the CCW Conference & Trade Show for Customer Service and Contact Center in Berlin, Germany.

They were three days of Conferences and Trade Show where we had the opportunity of meeting many interesting companies and people. There were 8,000 international visitors from 20 different countries and it was very interesting to see how many professionals of the Contact Center and Technology environment are gather together towards the common goal of networking, creating partnerships and finding new clients.

Intelecto is now providing BPO Managed Services and one of the areas of expertise is providing Cloud consultants for the European market. We were able to meet many potential partners as well as people interested in investing in Brazil.

Despite the crisis we are suffering, Brazil is still an excellent investment opportunity where we can find educated multilingual professionals at competitive prices. In fact, Intelecto already has a long-lasting experience in multilingual operations. We have provided support, among others, to projects like Futurecom, biggest TI and Telco event in LATAM; Krones, a German Company top in the market of beverage machinery, and the Fifa World Cup 2014 providing support in 7 different languages.

It is amazing to see how the new technologies are changing the rules of the game. We could see many companies that were offering for example speech analytics systems. It allows companies to understand the tone of voice that the clients and agents have, as well as knowing if the scripts are being follow. From a data analysis perspective, you can understand which are the most common words used, if the agents are using forbidden words, and even the mood during the conversation. With the data analysis it allows to identify opportunity areas in procedures and recurrent problems that clients have.

This has definetely an important impact in customer satisfaction. With the right set up, speech analytics can measure, analyze and provide us with information so we can, afterwards, take actions.

There were many companies offering Cloud services and infraestructure. The Cloud has indeed revolutionize the way of doing business, the cost and has also helped with the flexibility issue. Call centers have a lot of ramp up and down and this allows to pay for what you need. At the same tme it allows smaller companies that don’t have the ability to invest in buying equipment to be ablle to start with their own company. To bigger companies it also helps with a recurrent issue which is space, physical infraestructure and everything that comes with it.

Some other companies were offering different Call center softwares for Quality, Operations, Workforce management, etc. Functionalities are usuall pretty standard and there were nothing that we haven’t seen before. We could see though that many software companies are starting to understand that phone is not the only channel for interacting with clients anymore, and that chat, e-mail and especially social media, are extremely important. Is not the company anymore who chooses how to be contacted but the customers who choose how to.

Brazil is starting to catch up in terms of bringing these solutions to our market, but it is still quite far away from countries like US, UK or Germany. Despite Brazil has a very big internal market, many companies do not provide their tools in portuguese or have no offices or partners in LATAM.

Big call center companies are still having all their systems and infraestructure in a physical space, and are not accepting Cloud solutions for fears that are not really justified. Cloud is in fact very safe and it can be an excellent way of reducing cost for small, medium and big enterprises. Most of the call center companies provide only voice channels and haven’t opened others like chat or social media.

Intelecto is always interested in having the latest technologies and trying to be ahead in the game. Our call center software allows us to interact with client by many social media tools and not only for customer service but also for marketing & sales.

We are also expanding our services and have plans to hire cloud consultants so as to provide support to companies and give our usual added value work but in a different way. This is not something that is being done a lot in Brazil so we believe we can be pioneers.

We are proud to represent Brazil before potential international clients, and we have the commitment towards our clients as well as with ourselves, to provide every day the best customer experience, creating engagement and added value solutions.

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